Bar and Cocktail Training Courses

Bar techniques can be intimidating. We’ve prepared a broad selection of courses tailored specifically to each person: the absolute beginner, the skilled bartender, and the experienced bar manager.

Bar Basics

This course is designed to help “normal folks” understand the basics. After you take this short course, you’ll be able to make yourself a cocktail after a long day at work – without stressing out, googling it or watching dozens of YouTube videos.

This course is designed to give you enough information to make drinks easily but NOT to drown you in detail. I hope you’ll consider joining us so you can start making your own tasty drinks in just a couple of hours!

The Mixology Certification

Designed for experienced bartenders or home enthusiasts, this course is NOT about bartending. You are expected to already know the basics of how to mix a drink.

This program is designed to teach our advanced approach for cocktail design. You’ll learn about advanced and unusual ingredients, as well as a framework for assessing and building a balanced cocktail every time.