Introducing Bar Basics – the simplified online video course that will teach you the basics of making great cocktails from home – in less than two hours!

There is so much information out there about cocktails, bartending and mixology, that it can be daunting for beginners who just want to make a few tasty drinks at home.

This course is designed to be a streamlined introduction to cocktails – giving you just what you need to understand the fundamentals and make a few great drinks.

A simplified video course to get you from “Rum and Coke”
to “Classic Margarita” in under two hours.


HD Video

Course lessons are taught via high quality video, with interactive quizzes and extra resources to help you along.


Interactive Quizzes

Test yourself with no-pressure quizzes to check your understanding along the way.


Cheat Sheets

Course includes a cheat sheet that’ll help you make hundreds of drinks (without memorizing a thing!)


Lifetime Access

Log back in anytime – you have lifetime access! Revisit the course anytime to refresh your memory.



Got a question? You’ll get direct email access to Julia, the instructor, for any questions you may have.


Fully mobile-responsive, so you can watch and learn on the go!

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I'm pretty knowledgeable about cocktails and bartending. Is this course for me?

While you’ll probably still learn a thing or two, this course is really designed for absolute beginners – so you probably won’t benefit that much. Consider taking a look at our advanced course instead.

What tools will I need to take this course?

You don’t need any tools at all! Even if you choose to follow along at home, I’ve provided some suggestions for ways you can use common kitchen items in the place of fancy bar tools. If you already have some bar tools, we’ll be using: a cocktail shaker, citrus squeezer, strainer, mixing glass and bar spoon.

What is the format of the course?

This course is made up of video lessons, with a few quizzes along the way to check your progress. Some lessons also have supplemental PDF downloads or bonus links for additional reading.

Do I need to buy spirits or other ingredients before taking this course?

You won’t need anything at all to take the course, and I would recommend watching it once all the way through without buying anything yet. At the end I provide a guide to help you choose good quality spirits at a reasonable price point. If you do want to follow along in the last section when we’re making cocktails, I do provide a shopping list for everything you’ll need.

How long will it take to complete?

We’ve tried to keep this as “short and sweet” as possible, and it should be possible to complete the full course in under two hours.

When you enroll in the program you’ll get immediate access to the training.